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AgeWell Atlanta and the MJCCA Collaborate to Offer FREE Virtual Computer Classes for Seniors

Recent statistics have shown that the senior population loses more than $3 billion a year to online scammers. The same numbers show that seniors are less likely to report losing money to fraud, motivated by shame and a lack of understanding of the reporting process. 

Lizabeth Connors, the Active Mature Adults Coordinator at the MJCCA, noticed this problem and knew that something needed to be done. She wanted to be able to organize a class to arm seniors in the Atlanta community with knowledge and empower them to get to know their computers and smartphones and avoid scams. 

“Many seniors think that they are too old for things like computers and social media,” Lizabeth said. “But it’s so important to stay empowered and keep your knowledge relevant in an evolving digital space. It helps you engage in the world and stay connected to the people around you.” 

When Mom’s Computer approached Lizabeth with an idea for a free, four-part series on computer literacy, she knew she had found her answer. She and AgeWell Atlanta Neighborhoods Manager, Ashley Maloy, jumped at the opportunity.

“It was a need that we saw growing for a while, and when Mom’s Computer approached us, Lizabeth and I knew we had to make this happen,” said Ashley. 

The first 25 minutes or so of each hour-long virtual class are dedicated to an overarching topic. From there, participants are free to ask any questions they have about digital literacy in a modern world. So far each class has garnered around 40 different participants, and each one has walked away having learned something new.  

Below are a few emails that have been sent to Lizabeth after each class:

  • I’m so happy I asked my question. Now I understand how to protect myself against scams.
  • The instructor explained everything so well. He was clear and entertaining!
  • Excellent program!
  • Great class today!

“Computer literacy isn’t just about computers anymore,” Ashley said. “It’s smartphones, it’s tablets, it’s social media. It’s so important to arm yourself with knowledge on how to use these devices safely, because they can add so much value to your life.” 

The four-part virtual series began June 5, and has had three classes so far: Scam Awareness, All About Google, and Computer/Smartphone/Tablet Security Clinic. The fourth and final class is Social Media Review, coming up Monday, June 26 at 3:00 PM. Attendees will learn how to engage in different social media platforms and the value they can add to their life! To learn more and register, click the link below. 


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