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AgeWell Atlanta Celebrates Active Aging Week 2022

AgeWell Atlanta is celebrating Active Aging Week! Taking place October 3 through October 9 this year, Active Aging Week is meant to empower and inspire, and show the world that aging is a wonderful and positive thing. We do this by offering resources and support for aging adults and their families, along with fun and engaging activities that support an active lifestyle for aging adults.

AgeWell Atlanta Neighborhoods has not let the pandemic slow it down! We have evolved with the times, and still offer plenty of engaging and exciting virtual programs alongside in-person events. Through our different partnership organizations, AgeWell Atlanta has plenty of fun activities to help you participate in active aging! 

“Though times have changed a bit, we are still providing plenty of virtual programming, and a mix of in-person events,” said AgeWell Atlanta Manager Jennifer Curry. “Don’t be discouraged if you can only participate in virtual events – it still counts!”

AgeWell Atlanta Neighborhoods Manager, Ashley Maloy, echoed that sentiment, and expressed how virtual programming has been a lifeline for all the neighborhood participants. Ashley said these vital connections are easily observed in Toco Hills, the longest established neighborhood. She said many of her participants have formed lasting friendships outside of the group.

“They find their connection vital, and it’s their lifeline to access a social life and connection with their peers,” Ashley said. “They have real, genuine relationships with each other, and many of them have lived in Toco Hills for fifty years or more. And while the Neighborhood groups offer structure and serve as a catalyst for communication, many members have built community with one another.” 

Ashley went on to tell the story of two participants, Rachel and Naomi*. Rachel doesn’t have any family in town, and Naomi was hosting Rosh Hashanah this year. Naomi insisted Rachel join her family for dinner, and even picked Rachel up before the celebration and offered to bring her home after.

“Our participants look after one another and become friends in a real way, and it’s lovely to witness,” Ashley said. 

Below are some of the events, both virtual and in-person, we have coming up in October alone. Remember, you can always check our calendar page for the rest of our upcoming events.

Thursday, October 6 at 11:00 AM

The Beautiful and Ugly Side of Degas: TheDreyfus Affair.

Brush up on your arts and culture history with our first October event, The Beautiful and Ugly Side of Degas: TheDreyfus Affair. Presented by Carol Salus, you will see beautiful paintings and sculptures by the Impressionist artist Degas, who came from a banking family. When the family’s assets fell, Degas blamed the Rothschilds and other Jewish bankers, Degas turned against his closest Jewish friends, including Dreyfus. Hear the story until the end and the connection between the Dreyfus Affair and the Tour de France. This event is part of the Knowledgewise Series from the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCAA), an AgeWell Atlanta Partner. Learn more and register here.

Wednesday, October 12 at 11:00 AM

‘Keep in Mind’ a Engagement Program for Brain Fitness with Fini Shell

Improve your brain strength and have fun during ‘Keep in Mind’ a Engagement Program for Brain Fitness with Fini Shell. Fini Shell is a certified cognitive stimulation coach and the founder of the Keep in Mind program. In this program we get brain stimulation through the use of fun language games and exercises to stretch our thinking, thereby contributing to the growth, strength and agility of our brains. Neurogenesis is the process of rejuvenating the brain by making new cells. Scientists have proven that thinking in different ways stimulates neurogenesis. Learn more and register here.

Wednesday, October 26 at 12:15 PM

High Museum of Art Presentation: Deana Lawson

See the work of Deana Lawson at the High Museum of art during this online event. Amanda Williams will lead our conversation centered around the work of artist-photographer Deana Lawson, whose unique eye “investigates and challenges conventional representations of Black identities and bodies.” Learn more and register here.

Thursday, October 27 at 11:30 AM

Brunch at Souper Jenny

East Cobb and Roswell area friends: Join is for brunch at Souper Jenny’s for a yummy in-person event! Socialize with friends, meet new ones, and enjoy your favorite brunch dish. Learn more and register here.

Active Aging Events Year Round

AgeWell Atlanta is helping support active aging – not just this week, but year-round! To learn more about AgeWell Atlanta events, both virtual and in-person, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook, and check out our calendar page.

*Names changed for privacy