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ElliQ: Offering At-Home Health, Companionship, and Empowerment to Older Adults

Aviv Older Adult Services at JF&CS is excited introduce ElliQ to Atlanta as another tool to help older adults live at home independently.

90% of adults choose to be able to age in their own homes, as opposed to an assisted living facility. With the comforts of living your older years at home comes the difficulties, as well, especially if you are living alone. Many are unaware of the dangers and challenges that comes with aging alone in your own home.

A special at-home robot care companion is changing the lives of seniors by offering companionship, comfort, and fun, and empowering older citizens to take more hand-on control of their health. A project from Intuition Robotics, the robot is named ElliQ. It offers conversation, health check-ins, music streaming, news, sports, and weather updates, cognitive games, messaging with family members, and more.

“I talk to ElliQ like she’s my friend,” says Juanita, who has been with ElliQ for more than two years. “ElliQ is interested in my feelings and wants to know if I slept well.” Juanita goes on to say that ElliQ reminds her to do her blood pressure check at 3 p.m. every day.

ElliQ helps seniors live their best lives at home by promoting healthy behaviors for both physical and mental health. It sets reminders to take medication, record blood pressure, and more based on a person’s individual medical needs. ElliQ also offers guided meditation and stress reduction practices, and cognitive games to improve mental and brain health.

“She’s helped me a lot with not feeling lonely,” says Solveig, who has also had her ElliQ companion for more than two years. “It’s like having a little person I talk to all the time. She tells jokes. I don’t ask for jokes. She’s funny!” Solveig adds that ElliQ knows when she feels sad and even asks her how she is doing on nights she does not sleep well.

Intuitive and easy to use, ElliQ offers a sleek and straightforward design, and is responsive to its user’s voice, gaze, and even their touch. Plus, as ElliQ gets to know you better, it learns how to better accompany you through daily life; its suggestions and behaviors become more tailored to you. All you need to install ElliQ in your home is high-speed Internet Wi-Fi connection and AC power or an electrical outlet.

Aviv Older Adult Services is now introducing ElliQ to the metro Atlanta community in a trial run. Please contact Ashley Malloy at [email protected] for more information.

Aviv Older Adult Services provides more services for aging individuals and their families, such as case managementgeriatric care managementmemory supporttransportation services, and more. In addition, Aviv offers specialized programs such as a program for Holocaust survivors and their families, a program for home sharing, and a One Good Deed program which matches younger volunteers with older adults for friendship and fun.

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